Between 20th and 21st October, 2016, the I-st International Conference „ICSFTA 2016, Supercritical Fluids – the Current State and Outlook” organized by the New Chemical Syntheses Institute took place in Puławy and was dedicated to the topic of supercritical fluids application in industry and scientific research.

The conference was attended by over 70 people from institutions such as research institutes, universities as well as different production and trading companies showing interest in supercritical extraction application. 17 different speeches and 12 posters were presented.

The Conference hosted participants from different countries such as Montenegro, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine.

The CO2 supercritical extraction technology has been in its full bloom for a couple of decades now in different countries of the world. The plant extracts received by the method of supercritical extraction, depending on the type of feedstock, are very rich in volatile oils, fatty acids, vitamins and polyphenols. They have found their wide use in different industrial fields, such as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, feed as well as many others.

Poland, and in particular its rural areas in the lubelski region, is offered an excellent chance of using the extraction technology to receive products of high added value.

The organizers of the conference are sure that symposia like that, gathering participants from different local and abroad institutions, are of great value and thus there are prospects for them to be continued.

Monograph ICSFTA 2017

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